Six years ago today…

I embarked on the best journey of my life because it was more than a journey, it was a move. I moved by myself in my Aztek to Macon, Georgia, which was a place I had lived before from the end of May 1996 to the end of March 2003. Those years were spent mainly as a single parent, changing jobs and residences in Macon but finally settling in south Macon, overcoming yet another divorce and landing at a library job which I held down for almost four years.
Now, here I was again, this time happily married and especially happy to be leaving the small town of Warsaw, Virginia where I had spent over six years trying to adjust to a place that was the hardest place I had ever lived and had felt isolated, even from my son.
Didn’t have any trouble driving away that day. Do not remember much except that my husband helped me pack the Aztek better and was able to take more of my possessions. He also left that day for one of his work trips.
I remember pulling up to the hotel before the sun went down that evening and I think I may have spent the night in North Carolina.
Never for a second have I regretted what I did that day and now I have a house that I love in the heart of downtown Macon which allows my husband and I to walk to many downtown activities. That day was life-changing! Happy anniversary to me! Macon is the only place I’ve ever returned to.


Watching a train wreck

It is interesting when people you know are making a drastic mistake and you fear for them but your warnings have fallen on deaf ears.  I suppose it gives one determination to be one’s authentic self and not follow a negative path.